Frederick Kahler

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“Fred’s extraordinary work offers prophetic glimpse of the subtler dimensions of reality that will become visible as the consciousness of humanity evolves. Fred’s art magically evokes the invisible realms of life, the energy pulsing through infinite forms of our visible world and the worlds within world that comprise our universe.”

— Nancy Seifer, Author/Co-Author
“When the Soul Awakens”

“Fred Kahler is a brilliant original and all together a compelling new voice in the art world, with my highest recommendation.”

— Ken Wilber, Writer/Philosopher
“A Brief History of Everything”

“Fred Kahler’s work seems to reproduce, authentically, the thousand and one images and voices that flow through the mind at any given moment … a true reflection of the kaleidoscopic inner universe.”

— Laurence Caruana, Artist/Writer
“A Manifesto of Visionary Art”

“Fredrick Kahler has a raw power that impresses me and makes me uncomfortable. This is surely what is meant by Outsider-art.”

— Colin Wilson, Prolific Writer/Philosopher